fabric and friendship…

Hello and welcome to my first guest post for the lovely modflowers! I hope by now she has arrived safely in Australia and is enjoying the heat and sunshine (oh no I’m not jealous, not at all…)

If you don’t know me, my name’s Rachel, and I blog over at My Rainbow Vintage Home – me and modflowers have been online friends for quite a while now, having originally bonded on Flickr (before either of us had started our blogs) through a shared love of vintage fabric…and I do mean LOVE. We are fabric geeks. We live and breathe pattern and colour, and have very similar tastes…bright, bold, colourful and often floral, we have even been known to unwittingly bid against each other on Ebay…until recently when we decided we’d be better off teaming up and sharing the spoils!

just a few of my favourite fabrics....

just a few of my favourite fabrics….

When she asked me to help look after this lovely blog in her absence, I was very flattered but also a tad anxious…if you follow my blog you’ll know that I can be quite erratic in my posting. I have 2 small(ish) children and a puppy, and it’s very easy for several days to pass in a blur of activity before I realise that I haven’t managed to take any photos or think of anything to say all week. I decided that a theme would be best, rather than having to think of lots of different subjects to share with you.

So this week I will be showing you some of my favourite fabrics from my collection, all of which were designed for Heals in the 60s or 70s. I love Heals fabrics. Not all of them are to my taste, but the special ones are really special. And in keeping with my slightly OCD obsession with not missing out any colours of the spectrum, I’ll be showing them in rainbow order…so here we go with red…

Petrus by Peter Hall for Heals

As you can see I’m not known for my ironing skills…but I hope the fabulousness of the fabric makes up for the less than perfect photo! This design was inspired by the myth of a fountain of life. I first saw this fabric in a wonderful book called 1000 Patterns, and I fell in love with it. It was produced in several colourways, all bold and striking – I have a piece in blues and greens mounted on a frame hanging in my living room.

The sinuous lines and symmetrical composition refer back to Art Deco design, but the scale of the motif and the intensity of the colour palette place it firmly in the flower power era. It was designed for Heals by Peter Hall in 1967, and is held in the V &A Museum Heals Archive.

sharpened petrus pic3

As with a lot of my favourite fabrics, it is not for the faint hearted. I am sure not everyone will love it as much as I do. But I really love it. And tomorrow I will show you another fabric that I really love. I hope you’ll pop back to have a look.

Happy Monday!

Rachel x

19 thoughts on “fabric and friendship…

    • Thanks Jen! I did feel a bit nervous when I hit that ‘publish’ button but it worked! WordPress not too dissimilar to Blogger thank goodness! xx

    • Thanks Bee – I’m sure I’ll think yours, Jen’s and Ada’s posts are far more interesting than mine…I have spent so much time over the last few years learning about vintage fabric, I tend to forget that not everyone knows what I know. I thought my theme might be a bit boring…so glad it looks like I was wrong! xx

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  3. Hey girls, just found your blogs and love them both! I foolishly thought I was the only person with a vintage fabric obsession: how wrong I was! Also funny that I am returning to the uk (literally in transit) from Australia for Xmas. Brrrr

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