heaven & hell

modflowers: Brakig colllection from IkeaIkea is not, as portrayed in the adverts, a popular destination for a day out in our family.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it.

What could be more heavenly than a Scandi interiors store where you can actually afford to buy stuff? Heaven!

I do not, however, love the crowds, or the annoying store layout, or the endless wait at the tills, or the hefting of large boxes into a small family car.

Or the rubbish instruction sheets, or the Krypton Factor-style test of ingenuity required to assemble purchases, or the inevitable trip back to the store for another session of queuing when you find out you have one crucial screw missing from whatever it is you are attempting to assemble.

None of that turns me on.

But I do like a fair bit of what they sell enough to put up with the above every so often.

modflowers: Ikea Brakig chairsmodflowers: Ikea Brakig footstoolmodflowers: Ikea Brakig rugsmodflowers: Ikea Brakig storage boxesWhenever the subject of a trip to Ikea is mentioned in our household, which is not often, I witness my partner and lad’s faces fall.

They are, shall we say, less than keen.

I have to approach the subject as carefully as if I were seriously suggesting we all take our clothes off and dance around naked on the motorway.

Or cut off our big toes for fun.

But approach it I will.

For this new Brakig collection, it will be worth it.

Wish me luck. ♥

3 thoughts on “heaven & hell

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