pure joy & perfect timing

modflowers: blue fabricsThere’s nothing quite like a parcel of fabric plopping through the letterbox of a morning.

It really sets you up for the day, doesn’t it?

My most recent delivery was super-lovely in more ways than one…

Firstly, it was full of fabrics in my all-time favourite colour combination of blue, turquoise, purple and white.

Including this piece of pure joy…

modflowers: vintage fabricSecondly, it contained an added bonus – an extra piece of fabric, thoughtfully included by the sender who turned out to be a blog reader and wondered – correctly – if it might be up my street…

modflowers: bonus vintage fabricAnd finally… as I mentioned, I’ve been rummaging for heart-shaped buttons suitable for noses recently.

And included in a second freebie, a little packet of buttons, guess what I found?

modflowers: cat nose!How’s that for perfect timing? ♥

6 thoughts on “pure joy & perfect timing

  1. I miss stuff plopping through the letterbox. In Australia, you either have a PO Box, or the mailbox is down the end of the drive. But your loot this morning is seriously good stuff. I have six pale pink semi-translucent heart shaped buttons, about 12mm high. Would you like them? It would be very easy to stick them in an envelope and post them to you? They’d do for pale cats….

    • Ahhh, that’s so sweet of you Kate! But postage from Australia isn’t cheap! I’m off into town to my favourite haberdashery stall in the market today, so we’ll see what they have in stock. And I’ve also seen some on ebay, should that be unsuccessful. I’d prefer to use vintage, but sometimes needs must!

    • And I know what you mean about Australian post boxes – my sister’s is about 5 minutes walk away from the house, as they live at the end of a lo-o-o-o-ong driveway.

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