calico cat

modflowers: calico cat cushionI used to have a calico cat.

At the time, I didn’t understand what the term meant. That’s because in England they are more commonly known as tortoiseshell cats.

Our calico cat was called Suma. She was named after the wholefoods wholesaler that provided much of our staple diet in those days, when I and my partner both worked in a small wholefood co-operative.

modflowers: calico cat cushionSuma the calico cat was born feral, on a building site.

As a kitten she was removed by the Cat Rescue people from a house scheduled for demolition. From them, she found her way to us.

She was small, and scared, and odd. But she grew less so over the years with love, kindness, and patience.

A calico, or tortoiseshell cat has black, cream and yellowish markings.

modflowers: calico cat cushionSo it seems a fitting name for my latest cat cushion.

Who is having sardine for dinner…

modflowers: sardine Which is obviously why he looks so pleased with himself. ♥

9 thoughts on “calico cat

  1. i kinda thought the calico cat and the sardine were friends enjoying a hello embrace rather than a dinner scenario….but that could just be the romantic in me!

  2. If the cat is a tortie it would be rather irregular for it be a he- didn’t you know that the tortie gene is female? Male torties are not unknown but incredibly rare( and the few studied ones seem to have been gay, a fact I relished as a teen cos it put paid to my grandas argument that homosexuality was unnatural cos there were no examples of it in the animal kingdom)

    Our tortie was born feral too, under a vintage car we once had, so we called her Riley.

    I’m sure my mum had that big flower print on some cushions in the seventies

    • I did know they were female, but my calico cat just looks like a “he”, doesn’t it? And I thought that a bit of fabric-based gender-bending between friends never hurt, did it?! 😊

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