cut to fit

frocktastic1Yet again, it seems that I have managed to buy a frock which doesn’t fit me.

It’s something I do seem to be making a bit of a habit of.

I have a pile of things to alter already.

First up are two maxi skirts that need shortening. I am not tall enough to wear them as they are; they actually trail along the ground.

But I bought them because: a) they were exceedingly cheap, and b) I figured that once I cut the bottom off, I’d not only have a nice skirt, but some nice fabric as well.


frocktastic fabric2I also now have not one, but two frocks that I need to, well, remake basically. They both need taking to bits, cutting down and reconstructing in a less generous size.

I have always altered clothes. Being “petite” before such a thing existed in stores meant that I either had to learn to sew, or else learn to like trousers with immense turn-ups and tops with sleeves that made me look like an ape.

For many years I often wore children’s clothes.

But that’s not an option since the middle-aged-spread kicked in. At my age I no longer feel quite comfortable in little girls’ frocks, and not just because they’re a bit tight.

But I do love a vintage bargain. This piece of fashion history cost me £8.

frocktastic3I mean, why pay £50 or more for a dress that everyone can spot exactly where it came from and how much it cost, when you can have something unique that looks great, but cost less than a tenner?

Whatever size it happens to come in, and however much pfaffing with tucks and darts it takes to make it fit, if the price, the style and the fabric is right, it’s worth a go at a rehash, I reckon.

frocktastic fabricI mean, what have I got to lose… If I mess it up, I can always use the fabric for something else!

frocktastic2And until I get around to my alterations, I think my frock also looks very nice hung up as decoration. ♥

5 thoughts on “cut to fit

  1. Good for you, satisfying your fashion urges by recycling! Nothing to beat a bit of unpicking and reconstructing. If it wasn’t for the fab print, I’d be recommending zooming up the entire front with a nice princess line seam, but it would be a shame to take a bite out of that fabric!

  2. Well I love it on the wall! It’s gorgeous. And I know what you mean about buying the same frocks from the same shops. I’ve got three weddings to go to and I can’t find anything I like, so I’m hinting the vintage shops this weekend. x

  3. It’s fabulous!!! Oh wow! 💗

    I didn’t picture you as a small person For some reason I thought you we’re tall, or at least taller than I am… 🙂

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