one good turn

modflowers: vintage fabric needle caseWhen I do a good turn, I don’t do it in anticipation of reward.

I was always taught to do as you would be done by. And generally, that’s what I try to do.

So the generosity of others knocks me for six sometimes.

I received this beautiful handmade needle case as a thank you gift for this good turn.

modflowers: vintage fabric needle casemodflowers: vintage fabric needle case modflowers: vintage fabric needle caseMy needles are now fully installed and ready for action.

modflowers: vintage fabric needle caseIt was a totally unexpected gift.

And I totally love it. ♥

5 thoughts on “one good turn

      • there’s no such thing as talking too much about colour . . . I did just about
        manage to pick up on your favourites tho’ :0)

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