moving house

modflowers: moving house

photo by Yvette Inufio

I ordered a new cable for my phone today. When it arrives, hopefully, as long as it isn’t the camera itself that’s knackered, I’ll be able to post my own photos again.

None too soon, I feel, as moving day approaches at an alarming rate.

No, I’m not moving house. But this blog is!

modflowers: my blog is moving to!From Monday 31st March modflowers will have a new home at

My web guru is coming over later, so it’s all systems go on a final push to get everything packed up and ready for the move.

Amongst the (many) jobs on the list I’ll be wafting in front of him is to move all my current subscribers over to modflowers’ new home. Eek!

But don’t worry, even if it doesn’t work, there’ll be a little page right here to redirect you over to where the action is.

Just so you won’t get lost. ♥

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