modflowers: living room tidiedAs you may have gathered, although I like things to look nice, I am not hugely tidy.

And whilst the house was full of people, I was even less so.

This was partly down to not wanting to waste any precious family time cleaning and tidying up. And partly due to the difficulty of cleaning around four children and two adults.

Anyway, suffice to say, the house was well overdue the good wash and brush up which I have been attending to over the past few days.

The living room certainly looks better for it.

And yes, the jigsaw has gone (though just back in it’s box, not burnt – yet!)

During the tidying up process I found a little present. It had been hidden cunningly by my sister, under a pile of papers…

modflowers: toadstool salt and pepper setIt’s almost like they just grew there, in the dark, fed by love. ♥