lavender blue

modflowers: blue vintage fabric cushionIt’s funny how, when the weather is hot, it affects your colour sense.

The past few days have been scorching.

I have spent much of them in the kitchen, the coolest room in the house from around ten am onwards, with it’s stone floor and doors open wide onto the garden.

As the sun moves around the house, so do I, shifting to the living room for sewing until the sun gets round to the front and drives me back into the kitchen again.

I have craved some cool blues.

So I picked some lavender from the garden for the mantlepiece and made a cushion from this new blue vintage fabric…

modflowers: blue vintage fabric cushionmodflowers: lavendermodflowers: lavender mantlepieceTomorrow I am going to make another cushion, from this scrap of vintage loveliness, also new:

modflowers: lavender & blue fabricmodflowers: cool bluesIs coolth a word?

If not, it really should be. ♥