stripped & bound

modflowers: vintage fabric scrapsSo yesterday I stuck to the plan and cracked on with the starry quilt.

Apologies if this makes for a rather samey blog post. I did try to liven it up a tad with the title. But I haven’t really been up to anything naughty – unless you count tackling quilt binding.

Completion of which posed a problem…

modflowers: stars quilt trimmedThe quilt, as you can see, really needed a coloured binding. But I didn’t have much left of the fabrics I used in the quilt, to make the binding from.

So what to bind it with?

Time to tip out my big bag of bits on the floor and rummage about in them. The resulting colour-complimentary pile was selected to make scrappy, strippy binding.

Once ironed and added to the fabrics I did have left, things looked a lot more promising…

modflowers: starry quilt binding fabricsI love the look of pieced binding.

I decided to go random with mine, as the fabrics were all different sized bits anyway.

modflowers: quilt binding stripsmodflowers: pieced binding stripsmodflowers: starry quilt bindingmodflowers: starry quilt binding modflowers: pieced quilt bindingAlas, I can’t show you the finished quilt yet.

I messed up the corners of the binding and ran out of time to redo them. And I still need to do the hand-stitching and snip off all the dangling threads.

But it’s getting there.

I’m hoping I’ll get to do the final reveal either tomorrow or the day after. ♥