modflowers: wonky star blocksOnce upon a time, many months ago, I started a quilt.

This quilt. A starry one.

modflowers: wonky star quilt topI got as far as pinning it all together ready to quilt. But then I lost heart in it and put it away.


I am a good starter and a terrible finisher. I doubt my own abilities – and I suffer from fear of failure. I tend to sail through patchwork – and stall at quilting.

I know from others’ hushed confessions of WIP piles and project graveyards that I am not the only one.

But no longer is this particular WIP languishing in my cupboard of shame. With my newly-acquired walking foot wisdom, it is being resurrected…

modflowers: wonky star quilt backingI took all the pins out, pressed everything, dug a roll of masking tape out of the loft, and rolled back the rug.

Once sandwiched with the wadding and quilt top, I got it all pinned up.modflowers: wonky star quilt in progressAnd off I – and my walking foot – went. Woo hoo!

There is something deeply satisfying about overcoming a fear. Even of something as silly as a bit of sewing…

modflowers: wonky star quilting in progressmodflowers: wonky star quiltmodflowers: wonky star quiltI got about three quarters of the way through the quilting before it was time to stop and take lad to his guitar lesson. Not bad for one afternoon, if I do say so myself.

modflowers: wonky star quiltI haven’t put my semi-resurrected quilt away. I’m not tempting fate.

That flippin’ cupboard eats quilts.

In fact, I have another finished quilt top somewhere, ripe for resurrection…

If only I can find it. ♥