pure joy & perfect timing

modflowers: blue fabricsThere’s nothing quite like a parcel of fabric plopping through the letterbox of a morning.

It really sets you up for the day, doesn’t it?

My most recent delivery was super-lovely in more ways than one…

Firstly, it was full of fabrics in my all-time favourite colour combination of blue, turquoise, purple and white.

Including this piece of pure joy…

modflowers: vintage fabricSecondly, it contained an added bonus – an extra piece of fabric, thoughtfully included by the sender who turned out to be a blog reader and wondered – correctly – if it might be up my street…

modflowers: bonus vintage fabricAnd finally… as I mentioned, I’ve been rummaging for heart-shaped buttons suitable for noses recently.

And included in a second freebie, a little packet of buttons, guess what I found?

modflowers: cat nose!How’s that for perfect timing? ♥