flowers, frocks, fishes & faults

flower matsToday saw a bit of a disaster on the technology front.

Although I love my laptop, it is getting a bit elderly now and has been misbehaving a bit recently.

Today, it and my camera seem to have had a falling out. At any rate, they are currently refusing to speak to one another.

I’m not sure if it’s the laptop, the camera, or the lead that connects the two that’s at fault.

But whichever it is, further photos are off the agenda and those already taken are stuck in my camera until I get to the root of the problem.

flower mats1So it’s a good job I uploaded these pictures of my recent finds when I did.

The other day I took a tour of some of the vintage shops across the other side of town, the ones that I don’t get to very often.

And I picked up a few little bargains on my  travels…

too small frock fabricI love the fabric in this frock.

But this bargain bin beauty will be cut up for the fabric, as not only is it much too small for me, someone obviously had a bit of a sweaty time in it, which has, unfortunately, left it’s mark.

As well as a pretty floral design, it unfortunately also sports a couple of somewhat unsavoury stains under the arms.

too small frockDespite my fondness for the sweaty frock, my favourite find of the day has to be this fishy fabric…

fishy towelling fabric squareIsn’t it fab?!

It’s a piece of unused 1960s towelling. Not sure what I’ll do with it as yet, but it was too good to miss.

So now I’m off to find someone who can bang my computer and my camera’s heads together and get them to kiss and make up.

Let’s hope I can sort out my camera conundrum before I have any more finds to photograph.  ♥