goodbye,… hello!

modflowers cat cushionsWe’ve had some good times together, these past three years.

But things change.

I’ve grown… and it’s time to move on.

This is my last proper post on (Though I will be putting up a pretty redirection page).

But don’t fret…

From Monday 31st March 2014, you’ll be able to find modflowers at instead.

I’ve asked wordpress nicely if they’ll transfer over all my followers, but so far they’ve been a bit quiet. So if on Monday you aren’t receiving me, please pop over to my new home and follow me over there.

I must also apologise to those of you who read my blog via their phone, as it appears that there’s currently something slightly amiss with the mobile version of my new site.

Hopefully it’ll be sorted soon.

modflowers cat cushion pairMy new home has some brand new things in it, which is all very exciting.

How about a vintage fabric gallery? Yep! Got one of those!

Or a brand new shop? Yes, that’s there too. (With some feline friends like those pictured above in it, no less!)

Fancy the opportunity to work with / sponsor / do swapsies with me? Only too happy to oblige.

I have been slightly scuppered in some respects by both my camera and phone cables giving up the ghost on the same day. My fabric gallery will be even bigger once that’s sorted.

And although my old blog posts are all there on my new site, you might find there are a few broken links or missing photos.

But I do really appreciate all the lovely followers I’ve connected with through this blog – and I really hope you’ll like my new home.

Please let me know what you think…

I’m all ears. ♥